About Purrspective

Welcome to Purrspective, where the world is viewed through feline eyes and whisker-touched wonders.

Hi, I’m Tom.

My journey with cats began in the echoes of my childhood, where, at one point, the pitter-patter of seven pairs of tiny paws reverberated through our home.

Those memories, filled with furry faces and mischievous mewls, left an indelible mark.

Growing up in a household where cats were more than pets, instilled in me an everlasting love for these enigmatic creatures.

Fast forward to today, and I’m surrounded by a loving human family, including my wife, two wonderful children, and our two furballs, Ginger & Yennie.

While Purrspective initially started as a personal project, it rapidly evolved into something so much bigger than I had ever envisioned.

The surge of fellow cat aficionados on our Facebook page was both overwhelming and heartwarming.

Driven by the tremendous support and the unbridled passion of our community, Purrspective is now poised to delve deeper into the cat-loving realm.

Our focus isn’t just limited to sharing delightful content; we’re on a mission.

From nurturing our budding YouTube channel filled with feline features to crafting essential tools for cat owners, our aim is to offer a comprehensive platform for all things cat-related.

So, whether you’re a seasoned cat lover, a curious onlooker, or someone in between, there’s something here for everyone.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey, exploring, celebrating, and sharing the multifaceted world of cats.

After all, life is all about finding the purrfect purrspective (too many purrs? Naaaah).


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